In recent years, London has become a hub for dog lovers and art enthusiasts alike with its wide array of dog-themed artwork. Here are ten notable dog-themed art exhibits, events, and sculptures in London that have captured the hearts of many.


These exhibitions not only celebrate the beauty and charm of our four-legged friends but also provide a unique platform for artists to showcase their talent.

1. Dogs in Art

One such event is “Dogs in Art,” held annually at the National Gallery. This exhibition showcases masterpieces from renowned artists throughout history, all featuring dogs as their subject matter. From Van Gogh’s “The Bedroom” to Goya’s “The Dog,” visitors can witness the timeless bond between humans and dogs through various artistic styles.

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2. Barkitecture

For those seeking a more contemporary experience, “Barkitecture” is an event not to be missed. This exhibit features architectural designs inspired by dogs, creating whimsical structures that blend functionality with creativity. From dog-shaped houses to interactive installations, this event pushes the boundaries of design while paying homage to our furry companions.

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3. The Wallace Collection

Through carefully chosen paintings, sculptures, drawings, artwork, and even taxidermy, the Wallace Collection explores the unique bond between humans and their canine companions across centuries. Featuring over 50 works of art, this exhibition showcases our love for man’s best friend.

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4. Dominic Wilcox Exhibition

Instead of being the subjects of art, in this South East London exhibition, dogs are the audience for the art! Featuring three interactive dog artworks and a collection of paintings, drawings, and prints, the exhibition brings a new perspective on dogs and their interests. Two thousand brown ball pit balls fill a giant 12-foot bowl filled with dog food, allowing the dogs to jump and play.

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In addition to the above exhibitions, London hosts various dog-themed art workshops where participants can learn how to capture their beloved pets’ essence on canvas or create unique sculptures using different materials. These workshops provide an opportunity for individuals to explore their artistic side while deepening their connection with their furry friends.

5. Paint a Dog Fundraising Workshop

A fun, fundraising event for Harbin SHS Animal Rescue. Taking you step by step through the painting process is an amazing artist. Although there is plenty of instruction, you are more than welcome to go off-piste and add your own unique elements!

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6. Paint Your Pet Workshop

A perfect workshop for beginners! When booking your spot in this fun painting class, be sure to email your teacher an image of your dog that captures their unique characteristics. You’ll be given a template to use at your session based on your photo.

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Sculptures and Installations

It’s no surprise that dogs have been set in stone several times, since statues usually honor important figures or well-loved personalities. Here are some statues of dogs rightfully immortalised in and around London.

7. Brown Dog, Battersea Park

There is no doubt that Battersea Park’s brown dog is one of the most infamous statues in the city. On the path between the Old English Garden and Peace Pagoda, it is located to the north of the site. In 1906, activists protesting vivisection erected a memorial statue here in memory of the dog William Bayliss operated on illegally and inhumanely in front of 60 medical students. A new sculpture was added in 1985 and remains there to this day.

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8. Trump the Pug, Chiswick High Street

Sculpted by Jim Mathieson in 2001 and located on Chiswick High Street, this sculpture depicts painter William Hogarth and his beloved dog. Hogarth’s love for his dog is well documented, and as a result, Trump is one of the most recognisable dogs in art, featuring in many of Hogarth’s works.

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9. Dogs of Alcibiades, Victoria Park

Beside the Regents Canal, two identical sculptures known as the Dogs of Alcibiades watch over the Bonner Street entry of Victoria Park. Except for a brief period in 2011, these two mighty pooches have remained at their places since 1912 and have been the cornerstone monuments of the park.

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10. The Dog and Pot, Blackfriars

An homage to Charles Dickens, this sculpture was unveiled at the author’s bicentenary celebrations in 2012. It is a replica of a dog and pot statue that Dickens used to walk past as he went to work. The original can be seen in the Cuming Museum in Southwark.

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Overall, these ten dog-themed art exhibits, events, and sculptures in London offer a diverse range of experiences for both art enthusiasts and dog lovers alike. Whether you appreciate classical paintings or avant-garde installations, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city’s artistic landscape. So why not immerse yourself in this enchanting world where creativity meets canine companionship?