In accordance with our friends across the pond, who have named October ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month’, we are here to give you the best rescue charities in London to consider adopting a dog from this October (or any other month!) These organisations play a crucial role in rehabilitating animals, providing shelter, care, and love to abandoned and mistreated dogs, and finding them forever homes.

1. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Could there be any other charity at the beginning of our list? Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been a beacon of hope for over 160 years. Their commitment to rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats is unparalleled. Not only do they rescue and rehabilitate, but they are also staunch animal welfare campaigners, lobbying for political and legal change.

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2. All Dogs Matter

We’ve mentioned All Dogs Matter previously here thanks to their excellent events and themed walks, but we haven’t mentioned the good work they do day in and day out. All Dogs Matter focuses on rescuing dogs from various backgrounds and finding them suitable homes.

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3. The Mayhew

Another notable charity is The Mayhew, which not only rescues dogs but also provides vital veterinary care for those in need. The organisation helps dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens who are looking for a forever home. Their goal is to find the perfect family for every animal, so they conduct a full behavioural and health assessment.

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4. Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is renowned for its extensive network of rehoming centers across the city. They are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, and in 2022 they cared for 10,864 dogs and rehomed 8,550. Like Battersea, Dogs Trust also campaign and lobby to shape the future for dogs.

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5, 6, & 7. Animal Samaritans, The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust, and Pro Dogs Direct

Smaller but equally impactful organizations include Animal Samaritans, The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust, and Pro Dogs Direct. All three dedicate themselves to saving abandoned or injured dogs from dire situations.

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8. Blue Cross

Blue Cross truly are a wonder. Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals, but they also have branches across the UK that provide essential medical treatment alongside their other efforts. They also tirelessly campaign for change for animals, and they even have their own Pet Bereavement Support Service to help owners through the loss of a beloved companion.

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9. Wood Green Animal Shelter

Home to Channel 4’s The Dog House, Wood Green Animal Shelter works tirelessly to rehome unwanted, stray, or injured pets. The shelter also offers comprehensive support services for both pets and their owners.

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We would be remiss not to include the largest – and oldest – animal charity in the UK on this list. With rehoming centres all over the UK, the RSPCA does some fantastic work both in rescue and in the courts, fighting for animals and removing them from terrible situations. 

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These ten dog rescue charities exemplify the compassion and dedication that exists within London’s community. Through their tireless efforts, they ensure that abandoned and mistreated dogs have a chance at a better life filled with love and care.