As we power through another British winter, a comfortable, warm bed is a must (even if our dogs spend most of their time spreading out on the sofa!) Here are our picks of the most comfortable winter beds:

Pupnaps Pet Calming Bed

Photo courtesy of Pupnaps

This donut bed is ideal for smaller dogs, puppies, and cats. Its shape and raised border ease anxiety by encouraging burrowing and making dogs feel safe. The soft materials also have the added bonus of providing your pooch with fantastic head and neck support whilst they relax after a long walk!

Purchase here: Pupnaps website

Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed

Photo courtesy of Henry Wag

The Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed is an ingenious solution for all those dogs out there who like to feel high and mighty! Its wooden frame means that cleaning underneath it is no hassle at all and the raised base helps keep smells and condensation at bay. Dogs recovering from back surgery or who have hip and joint problems will find comfort and much-needed support from the solid board base. 

Purchase here: Henry Wag website

Waggytails Anti-anxiety Sofa bed

Photo courtesy of Waggytails

For those pups who just cannot bear to be apart from their human, this is the perfect bed! Not only does it protect the furniture, but it’s easy to clean, and the raised rim creates a sense of security. It’s comfortable, soft, and hypoallergenic, so all dogs can enjoy this bed.

Purchase here: Waggytails website

The Durasoft Tuffies Mattress Dog Bed

Photo courtesy of Tuffies

This is the one for those dogs who love to get themselves truly covered in mud on winter walks! The fabric is waterproof and easy to clean, and the futon mattress is soft and durable. Great for pups who live an active lifestyle or those who enjoy running around in the countryside getting nice and dirty!

Purchase here: Tuffies website

Wainwright’s Self Heat Square Bed

Photo courtesy of Pets At Home

Sometimes, when you get home from a long walk, you just can’t get warm, no matter how high the heat is turned up. Well, this bed has the solution for those pooches! This bed contains a specially made layer of material that reflects your dog’s body heat. And then in the summer, when things are hotter, you can turn the cushion over, so that your dog can rest on the cooler faux suede! A cosy, comfy bed, no matter the temperature. 

Purchase here: Pets At Home website