1. You’re encouraged to eat all the food. This isn’t just for energy purposes, the dogs all stay right by your side when they can smell a scent of some nice human food in the air, so the more food you eat the better!

2. Cuddles of course! All of our walkers love to cuddle the dogs during, and at the end of a good, long walk before they get taken home. The dogs love it too. And now its getting a little colder outside, you can cosy up next to them and get a little warmer, unless they’ve decided to jump in the ponds in Hampstead Heath, then maybe hold off the cuddles for a little bit.

3. Exercise. Not only is exercise beneficial to all the dogs on our walks, we get to keep fit too. I joined one of our walks at Hackney Marsh the other day and they got to play and run around on the big playing fields while I also power walked while throwing the ball, it’s basically a win-win for both dogs and their walkers.

4. Being outside in the fresh air every day is great! One of the thing we enjoy most is that some of the places we walk don’t even feel like you’re based in London. Regents Park you certainly can, but in the Summer, you get a great tan as its so open, but you still feel on a crisp autumn morning like it’s a little walking sanctuary in the heart of the hussle and bussle of London. In other places such as West Heath, you can feel like you’re in the countryside, not London. Getting fresh air, every day is so important and its literally a walker’s office, walking through meadows and woodland.

5. There’s never a dull moment. Being with such a different variety of breeds its great fun and all the dogs can be so entertaining. Whether it be two of our dogs chasing after each other watching them bond, or they’re pulling funny faces or just being down right hilarious, watching them as individuals and as a group can be highly entertaining.

6. The bonding. When you walk the same dogs in the same groups every day, you’ll end up creating pretty strong bonds with the dogs. It’s so for filling to see their excited faces when they see us when we open the van. The moment they really recognise you and want to see you and be with you is the best feeling.

7. Watching a dog come out of his or her shell. We’ve had many dogs over the years that have been so timid at first, but helping them grow in confidence is great. All of us that work at Green Dog Walking try very hard with each dog to make sure they get the most out of their walks and have as much fun as possible, we want them to enjoy themselves. So that moment when a shy dog starts and to grow in confidence is so rewarding.