My ten month old wire-haired dachshund, Rusty, is by no means a fussy eater but from the first moments he tucked into our homemade food there was no place for box-ready grub in his little world anymore!

One small problem quickly arose however; like many in the big smoke I lead a rather hectic lifestyle and have very little time to prepare his food every week. As I wanted my little rascal to enjoy the best I did a little research and came across Butternut Box.

Butternut Box delivers weekly boxes of fresh dog food to homes across the UK and they offer the first order for free to ensure you and your furry friend are happy with the service and it’s tasty contents.


The delivery time was swift, arriving addressed to Rusty (naturally!) and jam-packed full of goodies. The presentation was lovely and the box contained seven meals: three beef, two chicken and two turkey along with an assortment of treats such as bone shaped biscuits, a pack of mini cakes, an amazing giant creamy cupcake and some doggy popcorn!


It will come as no surprise but┬áRusty demolished his food in a second. The beef was certainly a highlight for the little boy, not so much as eaten but inhaled! The biscuits and cupcakes would probably be the next items on his ‘favourites’ but all in all the food was brilliant and he enjoyed every last crumb.

Given the efficient delivery, time-saving assistance and superb contents I’ve continued to order and strongly recommend Butternut Box! Great food.