One of the trickiest parts of dog walking is the logistics. We understand that last minute changes happen so we have always strived to provide a flexible service to our clients. This has got harder and harder though as we’ve grown so we made the decision to develop our own software, specifically designed to streamline our business and ultimately improve the service for our clients, wonderful team and of course… the dogs!!

The core of the software will be the booking system. This will allow clients to add, cancel or amend their bookings by simply logging in via our website. The changes will be approved by our office and sent directly to the driver/walker to update their schedule.

Each dog will also have a profile which will list important information such as vets details, allergies and behaviour. This will allow our walkers and drviers to keep well updated with each dog they’re caring for. You will also be able to add your own notes at any time as the client in case anything changes.

It has taken nearly a year to plan, design and develop the software and I’m very pleased to say that we are now in the final testing stages! We just need to make sure everything is water-tight so no errors are made. We are hoping to launch the software to all clients this November 2017.

Once the software is up and running properly, we will be adding more and more features as time goes on to constantly improve our service for you and our wonderful dogs. We welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the finished product! If you ever have any questions, please get in touch with us on 020 3394 0074 or at [email protected].