Summer is finally here!


We’ve seen people flocking to Hampstead Heath this week to catch some rays during this heatwave but it can be very dangerous for the dogs. We are working hard to keep the dogs safe and cool on their walks.


Here are a few ways we do that:


  • all of our Green Dog Walking vans are fitted with ventilation and air conditioning to maintain a cool airflow throughout the day.
  • we only walk in shaded areas and stay close to ponds, lakes and streams.
  • we offer fresh water to each of the dogs; at the start of the walk, throughout, and at the end of the walk.
  • we keep a closer eye on the dogs behaviour and pay close attention to black dogs and dogs with restricted breathing, such as pugs and bull breeds.
  • we use water sprays to cool the dogs down in the van (usually used for cleaning the dogs).

Dogs are at much more risk than we are in the heat so we understand the importance of keeping them nice and cool!


Hopefully the heatwave will pass soon!