According to the RSPCA, around 63% of pet owners believe that their pets are afraid of fireworks. By making the right preparations, you can make sure your beloved dog is kept calm and safe during this time of year. Being prepared is key, so having a plan of action when the time comes will be extremely helpful for your peace of mind. Keep your dog calm this Bonfire Night with these tips.

Walk your dog during daylight hours

Despite the nights drawing in now at an alarming rate, if you can walk your dog before sundown, then this ensures that your dog gets their exercise before the bangs start to happen.

Build your dog a den

If you already crate your dog, then you’re halfway there! If you don’t, then in order to create a nice safe place for your dog to hide away from flashes and bangs, you just need to make a big enough den for them in a calm room that they regularly use. Make sure to fill their den with cushions, toys, blankets, and treats.


We all have the strong urge to comfort our pooches when they’re scared, but excessively petting them during fireworks has the opposite effect. Coddling them reinforces the idea that they should be worried, and so just keeping them company and talking quietly to them or having the TV or radio on will help them more. 

Speaking of…

Block out or muffle the flashes and bangs

First thing’s first, it’s November, and heating bills are sky-high, so windows will be closed already, but make sure your curtains are closed too. This will muffle the sound of the bangs and keep the worst of the flashes at bay. Turn your TV or radio up as much as you and your neighbours can bear. Classic FM – in partnership with the RSPCA – plays calm music for any pets scared of fireworks, so tune into that!

Here’s a link to the webpage which contains some of the artists you can expect to hear


If you are really concerned about your dog on bonfire night, then in the days leading up to the big day, it might be worth booking an appointment with your vet, who can offer advice, and even medication to help calm your dog. 

Stay safe on bonfire night!