As many of you know, we were lucky enough to be able to sponsor an event on Primrose Hill called Pup Aid’s last Sunday 3rd September. This is organised by Marc Abraham and was all towards a great cause, educating people on the cruelty of puppy farming.

Pup Aid’s aim is to help the public know the difference between puppy farming and safe puppy breeding environments. If anyone is looking to buy a puppy in the near future there’s a few things you should always make sure of before buying one:

Always ask to see the mother with her pups and see how they interact. A lot of the time, the mothers are taken away from the puppies to early when their farmed, this can cause distress for both mothers and the litter and can cause behavioural problems throughout their life. If they refuse to do so, this is a big warning sign and should be reported.

The next step is to research the breeder thoroughly, if they’ve been recommended to you, ask about their dog and their experience with this particular breeder. You can always ask them if they have been recommended by The Kennel Club. This is always a safer option as you will then know they are safe and experienced in breeding. The last option is rescuing. Again, this is something to be careful of. Rescuing a dog or puppy can be an amazing experience and very rewarding for both yourselves and the dog, however, make sure you are going to a registered charity or organisation. I’ve had rescue Collie’s throughout my life and always go to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. They are amazing at what they do and care for every dingle dog under their care so feel free to go there and see what you think!

Back to the event, the weather actually worked in our favour by some miracle so everyone came out to enjoy the sun and have a fun afternoon out with the family and their dogs. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces so thanks for coming to support our stall and the event as a whole. We personally had a great time seeing many of our clients and also introducing new ones! We would like to say a big thank you to Marc Abraham for inviting us to Pup Aid and we hope we can join again next year to help with a great cause!

If anyone fancies popping along to come and say hi to the next event, we will be in Dalston this Sunday the 10th, we will put all the info on our Facebook page so if you feel like giving you and your dog an afternoon out please come along!