London has an abundance of green spaces to choose from when walking your dog however some are busier than others. If you are looking for a quieter option to walk your dog here are our top 5…

1. Sandy Heath – NW3

Sandy Heath is a bit of hidden treasure in the Hampstead area and is often overlooked by many for dog walking as most flock to the ever popular Hampstead Heath. Sandy Heath is made up of from a variety of woodland so plenty of interesting sights and smells for your dog to sniff out and explore. It’s also conveniently located next to the popular pub The Spaniards Inn which makes a perfect stop for a lunch or a light refreshment on a lazy sunday afternoon.

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Out exploring the woods with Oreo!

2. Bigwood Nature Reserve – NW11

This is another great alternative in the Hampstead Garden Suburb area and is perfect for a short stroll and stretch of the legs! It’s a lovely, tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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3. Hackney Marshes – E5

If you’re based in East London and looking for somewhere more open to walk your dog (especially now Victoria Park is closed) then this is a good shout as it offers up some very large grass fields – perfect for ball games! Even though it may not be empty the amount of space on offer allows you to comfortably exercise your dog without bumping into too many people.

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Luna watching the squirrels at Hackney Marshes

4. Wormwood Scrubs Park – W12

If you’d like to avoid the busy places like Hyde Park and Regents Park then Wormwood Scrubs Park is a good place to hedge your bets. Similar to Hackney Marshes with its big open spaces it also has a nice array of paths surrounding it.

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5. Wimbledon and Putney Commons – SW19

Whilst most will head to the nearby Richmond Park, this common space offers just as much grassland and woodland for you and your dog to enjoy! There’s plenty for you and your four legged friend to explore and even has its very own windmill!

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Some of our dogs out stretching their legs!