Doggy daycare is a real treat for any dog and we highly recommend considering this as an option when deciding which dog walking service is best for you and your four legged friend.

Our daycare offering is a little different to most as we don’t take the dogs to a daycare facility – instead we much prefer to walk in smaller, safer packs in some of the best green spaces greater London has to offer.

We believe our more agile approach gives your dog greater stimulation by having the freedom to change up walking routes as well as ensuring your dog is given the best chance to socialise and create bonds with his or hers fellow pack members!

The bonds dogs make both with other dogs and their dog walker are really quite special and we always take careful consideration when adding new dogs into the mix to make sure they are the perfect fit!

What it involves:

Early Morning

Your dog is collected by their regular dog walker who then takes them to the heart of the countryside – far away from major roads and built up areas! En route to the park your dog is secured in their own cage, to ensure safety and comfort, and driven in one of our fully air conditioned and specially adapted vans.

Morning session

On arrival at the park your dog is fitted with a GPS tracker for added security before being let off lead to explore the park under the watchful eye of our trusted dog walkers. On each visit to the park we change up the route to make sure there is always something new to explore – be it grassy meadows, forest floors or a great big pond to swim in!


After the mornings activities we make sure to add in a little break to rest, have a few snacks and drink plenty of fresh water. 


After a morning of play and exploration the afternoon session focuses on training where we will work on any problem areas, brush up on basic skills and play some games!


After a nice long day, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we give any muddy paws a quick rinse and towel down before making the return trip home for a well deserved snooze!

The three main areas that we cover are North, East and West London and visit parks such as Epping Forest, Trent Valley and Colne Valley Regional Park. For added safety each of our dog walkers is fully insured and dog first aid trained.

If you are interested in this service please get in touch!