There are plenty of films that explore the unique place dogs have in our hearts and none more so than our list below!

10. Beethoven

A family adopts a St Bernard pup only for him to grow up into a rather large slobbery dog who gets himself into a lot of trouble!

9. Benji

The 2018 reboot follows the special bond struck up between two children and a street dog named Benji and when the children get into danger Benji stops at nothing to save them!

8. Alpha

Set in the last ice age, Alpha explores the early beginnings of our relationship with man’s best friend.

7. Togo

Based on the true story of Togo, the Siberian Husky, as he and his master race through treacherous conditions to get the serum that will save their remote Alaskan town from a diptheria epidemic.

6. Homeward Bound

A trio of family pets mistakenly believe they’ve been left behind by their human family and make the long journey to find their way home.

5. Best in Show

A hilarious mockumentary taking a look behind the scenes of high stakes dog shows.

4. Lassie

This 2006 reboot tells the heartwarming tale of a dogs journey to return to her young friend after his family resorts to selling her out of poverty.

3. Marley & Me

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, Marley & Me follows the ups and downs of a couples life and the important role their dog Marley plays throughout.

2. 101 Dalmations

This live action retelling of the disney classic, with a star turn from Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil, is one all the family will enjoy.

1. A Dog’s Purpose

This heartwarming tale follows the journey of one dog who begins to understand his purpose in life as he is reborn over different lifetimes.