Dog walking can be a very wet and cold business both for humans and dogs and with the recent flurries of snow we’ve had in London it’s more important than ever to make sure your four legged friend is wrapped up warm! We’ve compiled a list of our five favourite dog coats that will ensure your dog is kept snug whatever the weather!

Key things to consider…


Always consider the breed of your dog when deciding on their winter attire. Some dogs, such as huskies, akitas and the Bernese Mountain dog, have been bred for colder climates with their fur consisting of thicker, coarser outer coats and cozy, downy undercoats. These types of dogs can withstand chillier days but the downside is they can struggle to keep cool in hotter weather!

Bloo (Husky) and Honey (Chow Chow x Samoyed) are both breeds who thrive in colder climates!

However if your dog is a finer coated breed, smaller in size or has a low percentage of body fat ( think staffies, chihuahuas, and greyhounds) they can often struggle to keep warm on colder days and will be grateful for some added insulation! Many breeds will only have a single coat of fur to protect them from the elements and even if their fur is long, like a Yorkshire Terrier, the fur can still be very fine and susceptible to the frosty weather.

Paddington the Yorkshire Terrier keeping warm in his coat


London is famous the world over for the rain we get and we average just over 100 days of rain a year! Choosing a coat with a waterproof or water repellant lining could help keep your dog dry, especially if we get caught out in a sudden downpour,  and will make sure your dog can get the most out of their walk without compromising on comfort!

Gatsby the Cavachon x Bichon keeping dry in the rain!


The personality of your dog is also important to consider when choosing a coat. If your dog is more playful and likes a bit of rough and tumble with their dog walking friends than it’s wise to choose one that doesn’t have too many loose fittings that could get caught. This also goes for adventurous dogs that like exploring through dense undergrowth and bushes. Other dogs absolutely love water so we’d advise against them wearing any apparel if they are likely to jump into the nearest pond!

Zeus (Labrador x Chesapeak Bay Retriever) and Oscar (Portuguese Water Dog) are both dogs who love the water!


Above all else it’s best to make sure your dog is going to be comfortable on their walk. Make sure the size and fit of your chosen jacket is just right and allows your dog a good range of movement without any restrictions. If a dog really resists wearing a dog jacket then it’s best not to force them. Our dog walkers always keep a close eye on every dog – especially those more susceptible to extremes of temperature!

Our favourites…

5. Hugo & Hudson Puffer Jacket, RRP £37.00 – £52.00

This jacket is super stylish as well as being warm and the reversible feature offers two looks for the price of one!

Find the jacket here

Hugo and Hudson – Puffer Jacket

4. Danish Design 2 in 1 Dog Coat, RRP £12.99 – £27.99

A great all season jacket featuring a removable winter fleece lining, with windproof and waterproof fabrics.

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Danish Design – The Ultimate Dog Coat

3. Ruffwear Vert Jacket, RRP £94.95

This sleek jacket is made for adventure being both waterproof and windproof and was designed for life on the mountains!

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Ruffwear – Vert Jacket

2. Barbour B.INTL Dog Coat, RRP £49.95

A smart, stylish and practical option with a wax finish that resists water and a cozy fleece lining for warmth!

Find the jacket here

Barbour – B.INTL Dog Coat

1. Equafleece Dog Jumper, RRP £15.00 – £51.00

A coat favoured by many of our dogs – this is a great all rounder with an abundance of sizes that are even tailored to specific breeds. This fleece will keep your dog toasty warm and help keep them dry by wicking away moisture!

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Equafleece – Loden Green Dog Jumper