Spring has officially sprung, and here at Green Dog walking, we are so excited that the days are getting longer and less slushy! But, excited though we may be, we must also take care, because as lovely as spring is, it is not without its hazards. Here are four safety tips from us at GDW.

1. Watch out for critters!

It’s fun for dogs to be off-lead and running wild and free, but keep a close eye on them when out and about. Ticks lurk in the long grass, fleas are more prevalent in the spring, and buzzing and stinging insects can cause allergic reactions in dogs just as they can in humans. 

Read this guide on how to check your dog for ticks. They’re nasty little suckers!

2. Plants are pretty… and poisonous

One of the first and most colourful heralds of spring is the daffodil, but did you know that daffodils are poisonous to dogs if they eat the flowers or bulbs, or drink water from a vase with daffodils inside? Tulips and bluebells are also poisonous to dogs, so let them admire those pretty flowers from a distance!

Read here for the full list of spring plants that are poisonous and irritant to dogs.

3. Microchip that mutt

Now that the weather is warmer and the skies are brighter, walks are back on the menu. More walks mean more chances for your dog to go on a solo adventure and leave you frantically searching the park yelling their name. Make sure that your dog is chipped at the very least, so that if the worst does happen, you’ll be reunited quickly.

Read here for the laws surrounding microchipping and collar ID in public.

4. Make sure your spring clean is blooming for humans and pets alike

Who doesn’t love a spring clean? It’s a time-honoured tradition, and it can be very cathartic to go full Marie Kondo on your home. It’s important though, to remember that not all products are pet-friendly.

Read this how-to guide for keeping toxic cleaning products away from your dog.

Stay safe this spring, and remember to stop and smell the flowers (from a dog-safe distance!)