Friday 25th September 2015 is Wetnose Day, a fun day dedicated to raising awareness and funds for sick and vulnerable animals and pets, from dogs and cats to donkeys and horses, in multiple parts of the world. The fundraising event supports vets, animal shelters, animal rescue services and more to continue protecting and improving the quality of life of animals and pets.

Wetnose Day is the brainchild of Andrea Gamby-Boulger of Wetnose Animal Aid, co-founded with the late Gavin Gamby-Boulger in 2000. The organisation has attracted international attention and celebrity support with its international animal welfare projects, such as its recent work with Paws2Rescue helping stray dogs in Romania’s capital city of Bucharest. Alongside its fundraising work has celebrated the heroes of animal welfare via the Wetnose Awards.

Putting the FUN into fundraising, and is a chance for you to hold an event, take on a challenge or simply ‘put on a wetnose’ to support the cause.  The Wetnose Animal Aid website provides great fundraising ideas and provides information to join in on existing events but encourages creativity and innovation. Check out the short promotional video below:

Want to know more about Wetnose Aid and its founders? Visit the Wetnose Animal Aid website or watch the interview with co-founders Andrea and Gavin below by Bourgeois Boheme: